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  • 03/30/2020 2:35 PM | Dominic Bosch

    We are located in Valley View OH with the ability to produce BULK WINE and ship it directly to you at the lowest prices in the market.

    All prices negotiable

    Bulk wine list (we have more than 120,000 Gallons of bulk wine available)

    Merlot WA & CA; Cabernet Sauvignon WA & CA;  Zinfandel CA;  Syrah CA; Sangiovese CA;  Pinot Noir CA;   Malbec CA;   Cabernet Franc CA;  Petite Syrah CA;   Tempranillo CA;  Alicante CA

    Chardonnay WA;  Sauvignon Blanc WA & CA;  Pinot Grigio WA;  Riesling WA; Rose WA;  Gewurztraminer WA;  Orange Muscat CA;  Malvasia CA;  Black Muscat CA

    For pricing, please contact:

    Shawn Cocita:  shawn@malbecsupplies.com 216-712-5798

    Carl Cocita:  carl@malbecsupplies.com 216-598-0504

    Dominic Bosch:  dominic@malbecsupplies.com 231-492-6480

  • 02/28/2020 2:24 PM | Joan & Darrell Lang

    4 ea Macro Probin 24S w/Lid, new in 2016.  $200 each.

    1 Ag/Tec Vineyard/Orchard Sprayer 2004/2002 H airblast sprayer.  (2012) $3500.00

    1 Hanna Instruments HI 84502-70 Total Titrable Acidity Tester.  $500.00

    500 - 23 inch grow tubes.  50 cents each.

    Call Joan. 262-930-8794.

  • 02/12/2020 8:47 AM | Dominic Bosch

    We are located in the Midwest with the ability to produce and ship directly to you at the lowest prices in the market.

    All prices negotiable

    We have;




    Pinot Grigio

    Sauvignon Blanc


    Muscat Canelli

    Orange Muscat


    Cabernet Sauvignon

    Pinot Noir

    Cabernet Franc







    P Syrah

    Please Contact:

    Shawn Cocita    216-712-5798   shawn@malbecsupplies.com

    Dominic Bosch  231-492-6480  dominic@malbecsupplies.com

  • 01/30/2020 3:30 PM | D. Brian Hayes

    Would like to purchase the following grapes for the fall of 2020

    Seyval Blanc           300 pounds
    St. Peppin                 300 pounds
    St. Croix                    300 pounds
    Leon Millot              300 pounds
    Marquette               300 pounds

    Please contact Brian Hayes at 262-325-6370

  • 01/27/2020 10:15 AM | Brigid Stark

    2017 bdi 35 gal air blaster sprayer.  

  • 01/22/2020 8:37 AM | Anonymous

    A 2019 Rear's Kick Wheel 25inch side mower for sale, works great, brand new only used twice. standard quick attach to frontend loader or skidster. We had purchased it for our vineyard but the size of our tractor with the mower attached made it difficult to operate down the narrow rows on the steep slope portion of the vineyard. Would work great for most vineyards with 10 foot row spacing, orchards or ranches with a lot of fencing to mow around.

    We paid $4,800 and are asking for $3,800.

    Thomas & Cheri Meyer

    Whitetail Vineyards

    Plymouth, WI


  • 01/01/2020 1:00 PM | Ian Gordon

    I have about 150 blue shades with sleeves.  

    Also a Tapener with a pack of tape and box of staples.

    Can be picked up in Mount Hope - Fennimore.

    I live in Kenosha and travel back and forth to Mount Hope.

    I could drop them off almost anywhere in between.

    If interested contact me at Sirgordian@gmail.com.


Tel: 920-478-4499

211 Canal Rd

Waterloo, WI 53594


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